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Related post: Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 07:52:30 EST From: lolita young boys preteen Subject: Pure Lights 5Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction that includes myth, magic, and angels. It contains the relationship between two males. The events are figments home-lolita site rip torrent of the author's imagination. If you amateur lolita and boy are repulsed by any of the contains young lolitas nude galleries of this story please feel free to leave. If you are not old enough to be here, please leave immediately.Authors Notes: This is my second story. This is a story of love, mystery and magic. It is not a story to get off on. It may contain some sexual tension between the characters. Please enjoy reading this story. Sorry if there are typos or mistakes, I usually type after I get off work, which means late night. So I usually don't know what I'm doing when I type. I would love to hear your comments of what you think very youmger xxx lolita of this story mini model preteens lolita so far. Feel free to email me at or at Join others at my group chat at 5- A Pure Light's Guiding Light Later on that night when everyone was asleep, Trinity was sleeping peacefully. Over on the bed that Dean laid in his heartbeat became loud. Trinity's sense of hearing picked the thumping noise up. Trinity slowly opened his eyes. He sat up at the edge of preteen lolitas black scans the bed. He sun lolita bbs links didn't know what was going on. All three lights started to glow around Dean's body, casting any shadows on the wall. Trinity stood up and felt his lightning symbol pulsate with Dean's heart. Trinity walked over to Dean and put his hand on Dean's hand. Dean's eyes opened and showing nothing but light. This scared Trinity, backing away, but Dean's hand quickly grabbed Trinity's hand. Trinity felt the power that was being emitted from Dean. "You must help him." Dean's voice spoke. The light lolita preteen porn pic around Dean became intensively bright, and Trinity was embraced pictures pussy teen lolita in it. lolitas 14 nn skinny The light then flashed. Dean's body when back to how it was and Trinity was gone. In the dark dimension, Dean's spirit was sleeping when he felt his heart glow with intense heat. "What's going on?" He asked himself. "I was hoping that you would help me answer that one." Another male voice was heard. Dean looked around, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness around him. "Who's there?" Dean asked. Out of the darkness Dean saw a magenta lightning symbol appear. Then there was a circle that was produced from the other being in the dimension. The glow was sent floating in mid air. It glowed with lightning, causing light to shine. Trinity was shown in the light that he produced. "You're..." Dean gasped. "I see that you already recognized me by now with that expression." Trinity put on a smirk, "You must be Dean I take it." Still speechless that Trinity was in front of lolita girl video sites him, Dean was also motionless. He finally snapped out of his frozen state of shock. "I'm sorry, yes I am Dean, but how lolita boy photo galleries did you lil lolitas top 100 know who I was?" Dean asked. "You're friends told me who you loli top 100 bbs where. They are very worried about you. Nathaniel said that you must have saved me from Chaos, free lolitas germany video but he couldn't understand how. They told me about you and they pointed to your body." Trinity explained. "I what?" Dean became more in shock. "The one thing is how did you know where I was?" Trinity asked. "Don't think I was being snoopy, but I saw it in a mirror that Chaos gave to torment me, so I can see in the world outside my dimension, that I somehow created. When I saw that free lolita teen links Chaos was about to kill you I called out no, and my powers must of reacted to that and brought to my friends." lolita preteen girl pussy Dean told Trinity. "The question now is, how did I get here into your dimension?" Trinity asked. "That I have no idea." Dean reluctantly answered sexy preeteen lolita models back. "Well, your heartbeat got loud waking me up. It was causing my symbol to pulsate with your heartbeat. I went over to you and you started to glow. Your eyes opened with light coming out of them, and you grabbed my wrist, saying something like he needs your help or something like that." Trinity explained what happened. "That is a good one on me." Dean was trying to think of an explanation for what happened with his body. "Well, that doesn't matter right now." Trinity looked around. bbs lolita bbs lolita "Forgive me for bbs loli 2007 hxxp what I'm about to say, but you have this pureness about you. You never told me what your name was." Dean spoke to Trinity. "My name is Prince Trinity, but my friends call me Jimmy." He introduced himself as tears started to fall from his hazel eyes. Dean saw this and felt like he offended Trinity. "Are you okay?" Dean wanted to comfort him. "I am, I'm just thinking of the loved ones that I lost since Chaos reeked havoc. Especially my dear love." Trinity wiped his face of his tears. "You fought so bravely against those dark lights, how did you have the strength to do that after your friends, and your love were no longer there?" Dean asked. "After going through nymphet lolita underage pix many trials like this, it's my ability to have a strong heart. My friends aren't gone. I feel their presence around me at all times. I young nude lolitas bbs feel that they believe in me. We all love this world of ours, that's what keeps me fighting, for a peaceful and brighter future. I have the belief that even after your friends and loved ones are gone that they leave all their love, hope, and belief in your heart. I call that power which also helps me to fight. That's what you are probably feeling, as you said the pureness." Trinity looked at Dean with sad eyes. All the sudden Dean's eyes opened up for the free young loli comix first time. Around Trinity, he saw Trinity's friends and loved ones that have perished. He felt the love that they were giving Trinity. This reacted to Dean's heart. Dean's powers started to glow brighter. Dean's eyes glowed again. "He approaches." Dean spoke. "Who?" Trinity asked. Trinity looked around, hearing an evil distorted laugh. "Well, nice meeting you here dear Prince Trinity. I see you met the triple pure light that causes a threat to me, as well as yourself." Chaos appeared. "Evil dark lord be gone you are not welcomed in this place." Dean threatened. "Oh lolita dasha crazy holiday my, such strong words but no action." Chaos taunted. "I'm telling you if you do not go, I am not deep throat lolita xxx liable for my actions." Dean threatened again. "Well I thought I'd have to have some fun, and kill Trinity in front of you." Chaos glared at Trinity then at Dean. "You shall spill no blood in this dimension of my heart, mind and soul. With lolita girl image galleries that comes with a price, that you can't even escape." Dean's eyes squinted at Chaos. "What can you do pure light your powers are weak against mine." Chaos chuckled lolita nudist pussy pics deeply. "How about my powers then Chaos!" Trinity was glowing with a magenta power around his body. Trinity's eyes preteen nude bikini lolitas shot out sparks of lightning. Wind blew around Trinity causing his cape to flap wildly. "You, you are weaker then him." Chaos busted out with laughter. Trinity aimed his opened hands at Chaos, sending strong winds. Chaos saw this and just stood there. "He can't hurt me." Chaos laughed to himself. When the sharp wind hit him Chaos screamed in pain. "This power, where did it come from?" Chaos thought quickly then looked at Trinity, who was floating in air. Trinity raised his arms preteen loltia bear hug above his head and spoke, "Rain of pure light and love, shower down on this dark and evil creature virgin lolitas anal pounding that turns the world black!" A beam of light shot from Trinity's hands and shot upwards. A few seconds later quick bolts of light showered down over Chaos. Screams nymphet lolita cp pthc from Chaos filled the dark dimension. "Never under estimate the power of one's heart and the power of love within one's heart." Trinity spoke. Chaos by now was so enraged that someone could cause him pain. Chaos got up and sent a little lolitas giving blowjobs black bolt at Trinity. Trinity flew back when the bolt rape lolita bear hug struck him. "Enough!!!!" Dean's voice echoed. "I told you dark lord of destruction, that if you spilled blood in this dimension, you will pay the price. Now here is the price." Dean sent a huge lolitas lolita bbs sites bolt of light at Chaos. Chaos let out more screams young non nue lolita when the power beam of light struck him. "I under estimated his powers." Chaos thought. "I will leave, but I swear this is not the end Trinity, I will get you for this. I'll bring your death to pretty little lolitas girls you." Chaos lolitas all the way vanished from the dimension. Dean floated over to Trinity. Trinity was still glowing with power. "Are you okay?" Dean asked. "I never felt better." Trinity stood up, and his bones cracked. "I never thought that he would fight here, I'm sorry little nude loli photos about that." Dean apologized. "That's not your fault, he came in here and started it. Don't ever think it was your fault, but you got to admit that look on his face was classic when you said enough." Trinity assured him and started laughing. "Now is the time where I must rest some more for my powers are a little stronger, but it's not to it's potential. So I will bring you back to the world where my friends are." Dean looked at Trinity. Trinity felt warm as light had surrounded his body. "Now I know why they believe in you so much." Trinity smiled at Dean and with a flash of light disappeared. Back in the room Trinity appeared where he stood before teleporting into Dean's dimension. By that time Myra was awake and entering the room. When she entered she saw Trinity slowly lolita girls wetting panties appearing out of thin air. "Oh my goodness!!" free lolita anime pic She gasped out loud. Trinity looked at the shocked angel and smiled, "Now I know why you guys believe in him so much. Feeling his warmth from his heart is good enough for me to also believe in him." "What are you talking about, and how did you do that just then?" Myra asked and looked at Dean. "Well, I've seen stranger things happen, but you won't believe me when I tell you." Trinity started to say. Trinity had told Myra the events that took place during the night. He lola top 100 model explained that Dean's heartbeat woke him up and we somehow telelported to the dimension that Dean was in. Myra started to cry when Trinity had told her about meeting Dean, and the engaging fight with Chaos. "And that's how you saw me appearing when you came in." Trinity finished. "So, Dean is okay. Now I understand a little bit when he told you his powers haven't fully regenerated. Not also what Chaos did to him, but what his heart, mind and soul, using all that power to protect his spirit." Myra added. "Oh, there is one more thing. He explained what possibly happened on how I got here. Chaos gave him a mirror so he could see what was happening here in this world. Dean said that he saw Chaos was about to kill me. Dean said he shouted out no, and his heart must have reacted to this and that's how I appeared here." Trinity further explained. "You must tell Nathaniel about this. He lolita 13 years nudes would be amazed. I'm so happy that Dean is okay i bbs loli imageboard for the moment. This will lighten Crystal's spirit a little bit to hear this." Myra was gleaming with cheer in her cheeks. In his dark and cold chamber, Chaos was taking care of his wounds. "That gnat Trinity. He'll pay for this." Chaos magic lolita toplist bbs vented then a thought came across his twisted mind, "That'll be perfect. The undoing of Trinity, and some of those lights and angels. This is a most gratifying victory for us."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "That explains most things then. He's more powerful then we even imaged. preteen loli mpeg tgp No wonder Chaos did what he did to Dean. Even the fotos de sexo lolitas lord of darkness has a weakness." Nathaniel took the news well. "But he also fears me. My display of power is almost as powerful as Dean's power. I've felt it. I believe that if I die, that I'll leave all of my belief in him. For there is something about him that I feel. He'll save the world and forever get rid of Chaos. We must never stop believing in him, for if we do, then Chaos will rule." Trinity added. "Well, at shy lolita nude pics least you came out of it all right. Two encounters with Chaos in two days in a row. That's something to give credit for." Crystal commented. "I also fear that he will try to strike here. For he wants me dead as it is. lolie lolie nude preteens If I'm out of the picture that's one less person he won't feel threatened by." Trinity spoke of what nude lolita galleries free might happen. "If he does we have to gather all the other pure lights and angels here. For we all have to protect this place, and our world." Nathaniel advised. "How will we do that?" Myra asked. "That is way I'm a higher angel. I can communicate with all the other living angels all at once. It will take a great deal of strength, but I have enough to do it." Nathaniel answered. Later Nathaniel was russian lolita hegre video on a flat platform on top of free lolita rape movies the temple, with his eyes closed. His lights start to line around his body. "My dear angels and pure lights that lolita pics nude underground can hear me. Please take refuge at the island that you once trained. This is Nathaniel, I beg of you if you hear me come to the temple." Nathaniel telepathically sent.A few hours later, back in the room Dean's body lay in, David and Zach had joined Crystal and Myra. lolita baby rape sites "Who is this?" Zach asked, inquiring about Trinity. "My name is Prince Trinity, but you can call me Jimmy. I take it that you are also friends of Dean?" Trinity introduced himself. "We are dark lolita model members indeed, my name is David, and this is my partner Zach. Don't mind him, he just speaks what's on his mind." David introduced him and Zach. "Are you a pure light?" Zach asked again. David just rolled his eyes and sighed. Zach just looked over at David. Trinity grinned and tried not to bust out with laughter. "No I'm not a pure light like you, Dean and Crystal are. I'm someone that wants to protect this world of our using the powers of weather." Trinity answered back. "The weather!! That must be cool." Zach got excited. "I'm the only one left of my friends that had powers of the weather. I kids illegal nymphet lolita am their leader at least was. But I know that they still are with me in my index best lolita tgp heart." Trinity added. "I thought I sensed something about you. I felt a power of warmth from you. It must be your love in your heart." David spoke. "But why are you here?" Zach continued to ask. "Well, your friend Dean saved me when I was fighting Chaos." Trinity looked at Dean. "You fought with Chaos?" Zach got wide eyed. "Would you stop with the twenty questions Zach." Crystal laughed. "I greatly appreciate all that he did. It just makes me regain my strength and my powers. I have a plan if I meet Chaos again." Trinity smiled. Trinity told them of what he had planned. "So if I'm right and he attacks this island, I'll sacrifice all free lolita schoolgirl galleries teenie lolita camel toe my ls lolita child models powers to try to kill him." Trinity finished. "Jimmy, your plan is admirable, but why sacrifice your life and your powers?" hot little russian lolitas Myra asked a little tearful. "Myra, cause that's just how things are planned. There's a time and place for many things. Plus I won't be completely gone. I believe that Dean will save our planet, and I'll be there in spirit to help him when he needs power and courage to fight Chaos, if my plan doesn't work." Trinity answered. "You are indeed kind at heart to do that Trinity. I lolitas mamadas folladas penetradas can also sense that you've done this many times before, am I right?" David smiled. Trinity looked at David and nodded. "I agree with Jimmy, if I die I want to be there by Dean's side when he needs it most. I love him that much, free lolita model board I believe that he could save our beloved planet." Crystal sat next to Trinity and put her hand on his hands. "Thanks, that makes me have more confidence and belief that I might have a chance against Chaos." Trinity looked at Crystal and smiled. "I sense Trinity that you will need our help? And most of the pure lights and the angels are all here." Nathaniel entered the room. "I can tell that I can't hide anything from you." Trinity chuckled. Nathaniel replied back with a smile. All the sudden they heard a loud beeping noise. All five went to the viewing room. 7year old lolitapussy pics Nathaniel looked and saw a cloud of black quickly coming their way. "No doubt that must be Chaos." David said. "Just as expected. We have no time. We must get ready for battle, get all the angels and pure lights that can fight and we have to meet outside to protect this place." Nathaniel ordered. Nathaniel turned around and looked at Trinity. "Don't worry Nathaniel, I will help you. The forces of nature will help protect this place." Trinity grinned and vanished with a gust of wind. "Well, we sure know that he can make a grand entrance, and now a exit." Crystal remarked. "You two, this is what we have been training for. We do this to protect Dean. Chaos must not get in this sacred place, for if he does this will be the end of the world as we know it." Nathaniel was giving Crystal and Myra a speech. "Nathaniel, I'll do anything for Dean. You don't have to worry, we'll try our best, that's all we can do." Crystal assured Nathaniel. "Well, are we just going to stand here and talk about it or go out there and kiss some major ass?" Myra asked. The other two were in shock at what they heard from Myra. "Having your mouths wide open won't help doing anything, unless you plan to eat them." Myra sarcastically remarked. "Let's go." Crystal said. Nathaniel agreed and they all went outside. Most of the pure lights and angels that were able to fight surrounded the temple. The pure lights took the ground and the angel took to the sky. Trinity stood by Crystal. "I will help as much as I can, here on the ground loli foto nude top and in the air." tiny teen loli girls Trinity's eyes glowed and nonnude lolitas nude naked a gust of wind picked him up off the ground, causing dust to fly everywhere. "Just what I need a bunch of dirt on me and the action hasn't even happened yet." Crystal remarked. Trinity floated to where Nathaniel was on the temple. little loli models dictionary "I feel he is near. We must be ready for anything." russian model babes lolitas Nathaniel told Trinity. lolly models in underwear The dark cloud swept over the island in quick seconds. Only a gust of wind was felt. all lolitas pedo sites Nothing happened. Suddenly out of the clouds, dark lights appeared and fell to the ground. "It's time." Trinity remarked. Trinity extended his hands out. "Tunnels of wind form from the clouds, send these creatures back to hard core lolita bbs the darkness!!" Trinity chanted. From the clouds several tornadoes formed and started sucking dark lights from touching ground. On the ground other action was happening. Dark light sprang from the foliage that surrounded the temple. "Time to say your last prayer, cause I'm signing your death certificate." Crystal gathered her power and sent multiple beams of light at the oncoming dark lights. Light beams started being sent every where that dark lights where spotted. The tornadoes img board jp loli seemed to be failing as the dark lights fell from a different area from the clouds. Trinity looked at what was happening on the ground. With his eyes still glowing, he chanted again, "Sparks of rain shower down from above and fall to the ground with the powers of love!" Light blue bolts of light started falling like meteors from space, killing tons of dark lights. Angels flew everywhere sending beams of light at the falling dark lights. Some of the 12yo sexy lolitas pedo dark lights grabbed the angels and took them to the ground and killed them. More and more dark lights appeared and attacked. "I must help them on the ground." Trinity quickly went to the ground. "Lightning Thunder Beams Strike!" Lightning started to flash and kill most of the dark lights. young spread legs lolit Trinity didn't realize that a dark light had preteen russian lolita followed him from the clouds and sent a knife in his shoulder. Trinity screamed in pain. The dark light was about to strike him again when a bolt of light pierced through the dark light's heart. maxwells lolita top 100 "Are you okay?" David asked "I'm okay thanks...arrrrrhhhhggg!" Trinity shouted in pain again. Trinity looked down from where the pain came from. From his stomach area, five sharp objects pierced through his skin. Weakened from all the pain taking his strength, Trinity turned his head and saw Chaos. Chaos' evil laugh echoed in the sky. "Did I not tell you that I'll bring death to you Prince Trinity?" Chaos spoke, and retracted his sharp fingers from Trinity's back. Trinity fell to the ground breathing hard for air. "NOOO!!! TRINITY!!!!" Crystal yelled and ran towards him. "Take underground young nude lolita this you hateful creature!!! I summon all the powers of light!! teen sweet lollipops porn Holy halo of light!" Crystal shouted and sent a giant ring at Chaos. Chaos flew back into a tree. petite young school lolitas "Crystal watch out!!!" Myra's voice called out. Crystal turned around to see what was young loli sister xxx coming towards here. A dark light sent a dark beam at Crystal. Myra flew with all of her speed her wings could carry her and pushed Crystal out of the way. Crystal landed on the ground, hearing Myra's screams of pain. Crystal sat up quickly and gasped with terror. She quickly stood up and secret lolita incest pics sent a beam out light at the dark light. Crystal then ran over to Myra. "Myra!!! Can you hear me?" Crystal turned Myra over to see Myra's face. Mrya was breathing deeply. "Sorry Crystal there was no way I was going to let you die. Remember I'm your guardian angel." Myra spoke weakly. Water started to fill Crystal's eyes. lolita panites preteen pic "I would have done the same thing for you." Crystal smiled. Crystal then felt a sharp pain come from her back. Crystal took a deep breath and looked back. Chaos had sent a beam of dark energy at Crystal for what she did to him. Chaos started laughing out loud. "I win pure light!" Chaos chuckled. Chaos then saw Nathaniel fighting bravely. Chaos appeared behind Nathaniel. "We meet again Nathaniel." Chaos said. Nathaniel turned around to see Chaos send llegal lolita undeage model a sharp object at him. Nathaniel tried to dodge the object, but was hit in the side. This made Nathaniel lose his concentration of flying and headed towards the ground. David saw this and caught Nathaniel a few feet from the ground. "He can not win." Trinity had turned over and looked at Chaos. Trinity produced and orb, and held it up. Cupping his lolitas tiny child cunt hands around the orb he called out, "My friends I bbs lolita web board call on you for the free petite lolitas galleries last time, I need your love, strength and powers to help me." Trinity whispered. The orb started to glow brightly. Eleven sparks of light went into the orb, causing the orb to shatter. "I'll be with you all soon. Dean I leave you my belief." Where the orb was, ball of energy floated. beautiful young preteen lolitas "Now I join my power with you my friends." Trinity young russiam nudist lolita smiled and turned into a spark of light and flew into the energy ball. The ball of light energy quickly grew at a rapid pace, completely covering the island. After the energy faded away, the dark cloud was completely gone. "David!!!" Zach called out. "I'm here Zach, with Nathaniel." David called out. Zach saw David and Nathaniel, and ran by their side. "He did it, just like he said he did." Nathaniel groaned in pain. "Crystal, and Myra are gone too." Zach had tears little lolita love portal run down his eyes. "We must never forget them, for now they are guiding lights for Dean." Nathaniel tried not to cry, but tears ran down the side of his face. "Are you okay Nathaniel." Zach saw blood on the side of his rib area. "I'm okay, but I'm wounded badly. I think I must have to stay lying down until I heal, teens lolita model top completely. How are the others?" Nathaniel asked. Seven pure lights and eight angels surrounded Nathaniel. "I see bbs young lolita nymphette we suffered a great loss in this fight. We shall never forget those who fought bravely." Nathaniel said.Nathaniel looked to his side, and saw Trinity's spirit standing behind them and smiling. Soon Crystal's and Myra's spirits joined, and smiled. "Don't worry about us Nathaniel, we aren't gone, not yet. We have to help Dean, so he can find 11yo lolita model pics Matthew and bring light and peace to this world again." All three said free preteen loli clips in unison, lolita models latin bikini and turned into balls of free kiddy pictures lolitas light and left into the sky.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sorry guys if it's getting interesting so far. I really didn't plan on stopping here, but I thought it was a good place to stop. Please keep sending me your comments. I've been trying to type as much as I all lolita nude bbs can with these chapters, and I thank you guys for being patient. You can email at, or I'll get started on Chapter 6 as soon as I can. lollipop tna topless video You guys take care, and nude lolita japanese preteens I'll see ya guys around!! teen nude blonde lolita Peace ~~~Bluwolfboi
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